Chimneys & Masonry

A chimney, though usually made of concrete, is one of the most delicate parts of your home. A seal around the base called “flashing” protects your home from any water coming between your roof and chimney. Proper installation of this flashing is absolutely vital to any home with a chimney. This can be easily overlooked if you rarely use your fireplace. If you are experiencing water leakage in your home and have already replaced the roof and/or siding, chimney flashing is the likely culprit.

Besides the flashing, the chimney itself can only last so long. Over time, you will notice deterioration or even large pieces falling off altogether. Rebuilding a chimney is always best left to the professionals. At Dream Remodeling NJ, we use the latest tools combined with old fashioned workmanship to give you a long-lasting and worry free chimney.

The craft of masonry is used not only for chimneys (although this is one of the most challenging forms!) but can also be used on the face of your home, foundation, sidewalk and patios. Whether you are looking to repair or adjust your current concrete features, or create a whole new look using stone, Dream Remodeling NJ is willing and able to help every step of the way. We are the experts on cost effective and long lasting concrete work.

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